Full Car Boot

How to prepare your car for a heavy load

It’s almost Christmas, and we want to ensure you are prepared for your festive journey over to family and friends. Enjoying Christmas is all about eating plenty of delicious food...

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power washing car

Keeping your car clean on a budget

If you are someone who likes to have their car in pristine condition all of the time it can become relatively expensive having to purchase new cleaning products every month. Here w...

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toddler in car seat

Adapting to life in a family car made easy

Having your own car gives you limitless freedom, but if you are part of a growing family, opting for a singular family car may be the best option. Here we tell you how you can adap...

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Best Supercars of 2018

Having a supercar is one of the best ways to know your doing well in life as well as showing others you have excellent taste in cars. Experiencing a significant amount of speed is...

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Standalone sat nav

All you need to know about Sat Nav systems

Many newer vehicles now come with built-in sat navs, which make life so much easier. However, there are still a few people who own cars that do not have this luxury. There is now a...

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Mans car overheating

How to prevent your car overheating

Summer is for having fun and exploring new places. However, you may experience your car overheating. Here we are going to take you through a few top tips how to prevent your car fr...

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Car on country road

How to increase car longevity

For many of us, our cars are our prized possessions; we work hard to be able to buy the car we’ve longed for so you are obviously going to want to increase car longevity as m...

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