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Wheel Alignment

Using state of the art wheel alignment technology, our team of experienced engineers here at Deutschtech use precision cameras to take images and data of your vehicles existing wheel alignment.

Using this data we are then able to correctly align your vehicles wheels using the manufacturers recommended measurements. Once the alignment is complete, we will progress to adjusting the camber, caster and toe to manufacturer specifications.

When Should I Get My Wheels Realigned?

Consider the following points for your vehicle. Make sure that you have your wheel alignment checked regularly.

  • Every 12,000 – 15,000 miles or at least once a year.
  • If you knowingly hit a kerb or large pothole on the road.
  • Whenever you have new tyres fitted. Garages should do this as standard.
  • If you ever have steering components replaced.
  • When any suspension parts or components are repaired or installed.

Warning Signs for Wheel Alignment

There are a number of noticeable warning signs that may arise throughout the year. Any one of these points could suggest that you need your wheels realigned.

  • If you notice excessive or uneven tyre wear and tear.
  • If you notice that your vehicle is pulling to one side. Either left or right.
  • A vibrating steering wheel when cruising.
  • If the steering wheel is not centred correctly.
  • If you hear unnatural sounds when driving at normal speeds.

4-Wheel Alignment and 2-Wheel Alignment

Some car owners get confused with regards to correct wheel alignment. There are two main forms. These are 2-wheel alignment and 4-wheel alignment.

2-wheel alignment focusses on and only realigns the front two wheels and not the entire vehicle. Unfortunately, with 2-wheel alignment there is still a chance that the vehicle can pull to one side when in use.

However, 4-wheel alignment ensures that all four wheels on the vehicle are correctly realigned and in position. This prevents uneven tyre wear, and will stop your vehicle pulling to the left or right. 4-wheel alignment ensures that the Thrust Angle is directed straight ahead.

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