AC Schintzer

About AC Schnitzer

AC Schnitzer have been working with BMW and Mini tuning, with over 20 years worth of experience means that their knowledge and understanding on the decade worth of vehicles is ever growing.  They appreciate the different models, and grew with society. They’ve adapted quickly to the changes and have noted what customers are interested in.

Our Partnership

Deutsch Tech decided to go into partnership with AC Schnitzer, not only because of their knowledge and their understanding of the classic motor vehicles , they also appreciate the changing in cars, and adapted to the latest models. They interpret this new style in their work today, making each tuning to the desire of the customers needs.

Thinking that we could work well together, with our repair and  restoration qualities. And AC Schnitzer’s perfect attention to detail. We believe in the idea of treating every car like something new, with both our experiences added together, we really believe we can create something magical.

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